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"NOTE: What makes me think I'm qualified to write this article? Nothing. But because I'm in such a marriage I write of my personal (therefore biased) experiences until more authoritative sources take over.

So why would a gay person enter into a hetero based marriage with someone of the opposite gender? Reasons offered include:

- homophobia, fear of discrimination by others if their true self were revealed
- an attempt to "change" either by one's self or by pressure from others (particularly extreme religious groups)

Usually such marriages seem to be entered into without one peron's knowledge of the other peron's true sexual orientation. This can lead to situations such as:

- trying to get along
- one or both being miserable
- the incompatible one (gay person in straight marriage or straight person in a gay marriage) may feel tempted to cheat in order to satisfy their sexual needs

But it can work if one of the people is bisexual. On a personal note, when my new-found friend found that I was a bi male instead of straight, she decided she never wanted to see me again. She reconsidered and we got married. This marriage of ours is closed and monogamous. I have never had sex with anyone else during our marriage. Does that mean I miss being with men? Sometimes. Only sometimes. But not enough to jeopardize our relationship. Some can live with this arrangement and some can't. If I have the desire for men, I turn to erotica, not the real thing. This in turn leaves us with each other as human partners. As in all other marriage arrangements, it works for some individuals, and not for others.

In short, a mixed-orientation marriage can work - or fail - just as readily as any other and is just as real for those living in it.

Again, this is more of an essay rather than an article, feel free to edit or delete it entirely if it doesn't suit this website's requirements."

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