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I Kissed a Girl is the title of two songs, one by bisexual musician Jill Sobule (1995), the other by heterosexual pop star Katy Perry (2008). Though they share the same title, they are two very different songs with no actual connection.

Sobule version[]

Released in 1995, the song told the story of flirtation between two suburban female friends, both with male partners.

Perry version[]

Released in 2008, it received Billboard Top 40 success. The song is about a girl's curiosity about kissing another girl, though she has a boyfriend.

The song was highly controversial in the queer community. Some lesbians accused the song of trivializing lesbianism. Some bisexuals accused Perry of trivializing bisexuality through objectification.

Debra W. Haffner believes Perry "obviously is using the whole issue of sexual orientation in a positive way, raising awareness, or she's doing it because it gets attention",[citation needed] AllMusic concludes that "the problem is not with Katy's gender-bending, it's that her heart isn't in it; she's just using it to get her places, so she sinks to crass, craven depths".[12] Slant Magazine agrees, saying the song "isn't problematic because it promotes homosexuality, but because its appropriation of the gay lifestyle exists for the sole purpose of garnering attention — both from Perry's boyfriend and her audience".