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"Celibacy" is the act of restraining from sexual intercourse, either for a chosen amount of time or indefinitely. The choice to be celibate may or may not be for religious reasons.

Popular humourist blogger Martin Poulter of the websiteThe Kewl Doods n Chyks maintains a Celibacy FAQ at in which he lists a number of advantages to the celibate lifestyle, including less anxiety about a range of sexual concerns, more time, money and energy for other pursuits, greater self esteem and no embarrassing sexual incidents.

Among the sexual concerns identified by Poulter as not affecting celibates are: not having to think about contraception or protection against sexually transmitted infections, not having to worry about impotence, genital grooming, whether or not to swallow, how to have sex without waking others in the house, whether you and your partner are sexually compatible, and whether you or your partner are good enough in bed.

Poulter further asserts that celibates do not have to expend the time, energy or money searching for a mate that non-celibates do, and may therefore have more of these resources to devote to other pursuits that may ultimately be more satisfying. Celibates also avoid some of the potentially more frustrating aspects of the dating game in not having to attend tedious parties hoping to find someone to sleep with and not experiencing rejection at nightclubs an other social venues, or feeling inadequate for being single.

Some embarrassing sexual incidents avoided by celibates that are identified by Poulter include failure to undo a bra or get out of bondage gear, bedroom furniture being broken, family members coming home unexpectedly and interrupting sexual escapades, realising the morning after a one-night-stand that you do not find your partner attractive and having to politely excuse yourself or usher them out the door, forgetting their name, and agreeing to perform a sexual favour and then realising that you are repulsed by the activity whilst performing it.

Poulter also argues that voluntarily abstaining from sex can result in increased clarity of thought and a greater sense of inner peace and well-being, less anxiety about your own physical attractiveness as well as better relationships in which your partner knows that you are with them for their mind and personality and not just for their body.

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