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Itz henka gacha Itz henka gacha 2 December 2021

Thank you for editing

Thank you Fandom User for editing articles! It is very nice from you. You have been doing that since 23 November, what is amazing! Thank you.

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Itz henka gacha Itz henka gacha 1 December 2021

First blog post on this wiki

Hi guys, you can call me Henka, I go by She/Her pronous and I am the most recent editor on this wiki as for now. I am far more active on the Asexuals Wikia though. For now I made two pages and edited more than ten pages. I mostly added pictures. So, I realized this wiki is kinda... dead. So the only reason why I am here is to help this wiki a bit. Not too much though. That is my fault. I should have make better introduction. But I am trying. So if you see this wiki now, you can edit here. Just be active. I know that you might not care maybe because this wiki is not that unique, but trust me, we can make this a great place. Just asking... if this is called "Bisexuality Wiki", why are there things like "Gay", "Hetero-romantic", and other? Wh…

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