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Opening up to friends and/or family help![]

Hey i recently discovered i am a bisexual, i am a bisexual 18 year old male and had first 100% understood knowledge that i am bi when i kissed a guy in a car after dropping me off. But i am sort of confused and don't think i should be all gay, so i chose to keep my life open to my friends and family by being (or acting) heterosexual and can have a female relationship. I chose to have secrecy with partners of the same sex. I fear that if i tell my friends and family, i will lose some of them and their respect for me as well, they grew up assuming and knowing i'm straight, but they never knew deep down i was actually bi, i kept that dormant and hidden away. How can i open up easily and still keeping friends and trust/respect?! PLEASE HELP!

The BiNet USA homepage says this is "their" wiki, is that right?

Because all the pages on there website for their organisation disagree with the pages here?

Is this BiNet's wiki, or someone else's and why don't they get their own details right!