Bisexuality Wiki

This page is an attempt to remediate the lack of a single organized repository of information on groups and resources specific to and of interest to bisexual people of color. This is a rough first draft, and therefore is not intended to be comprehensive, and is not optimally organized. This is intended to be a selective and topically focused subset of the resources listed elsewhere on this site.

Prominent Bi People of Color[]

Incomplete! Please improve and expand! Note: Lack of a URL only means the author was not immediately able to locate a site for the person in question. In no particular order. List compiled by multiple people. If someone is not on this list and should be, add them. Descriptions are painfully inadequate, missing when the author didn't know right off the bat and didn't have time to research.

Lani Ka'ahumanu - Author, activist, poet, educator, organizer. Co-editor of the ground breaking anthology Bi Any Other Name.
Amy Andre
Juba Kalamka - musician, co-founder of pioneering queer hip hop act, Deep Dickollective.
Elias Farajaje-Jones
Irshad Manji and on on MySpace
Magdalen Hsu-Li
Robin Mills
Sean Graham - comedian
Louisa McBee - musician
The B Word Poet and on MySpace
Robin Renee and on MySpace
Margaret Cho
Frida Kahlo
Bessie Smith
Ma Rainey
Alice Walker
Rebecca Walker
Cecilia Tan - Erotic writer/activist
Faith Cheltenham - blogger
Mimi Gonzalez
Evelyn Mantilla
June Jordan
Luigi Ferrar


Musical groups, artists, literary groups, the like.

Sean Graham: Leader of the Chucklenauts
Louisa McBee Light - pop, trip-hop, electronica
Salvimex - hip hop, rap, latin music
Deep Dickollective - pioneering homohop group
Black Bi Women Project, MySpace - book project
Robin Renee- singer/songwriter

United States[]

New York, New York[]

Professional Bi/Lesbian Women of Color, MeetUp
Bi Women of All Colors, MySpace
Bi Women of All Colors, Yahoo Group