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Bi Social Network(Launched in December of 2008) is the first interactive bisexual network for bisexual. Bi Social Network's showocases latest information on social, entertainment and political scenes. Bi Social Network particularly focuses on bisexual men, women, teens and social issues surrounding the myths of bisexuality in the gay, lesbian and straight communities.

Bi Social Network also have a Talk Radio show called "Bi Talk Radio" under the format of BlogTalkRadio, which features hot topics each month regarding bisexual issues and community.

Why Does Bi Social Newtork Exist?
{C Bi Social Network feels that there needs to be more representation regarding the bisexual community. Bi Social Network feels that many are demising their voices; because of fear of the term “Bisexual or Bi” due to the unfavorable connotation that it brings any given individual. Bi Social Network is proud to be associated with the term and after uses the term BLGT regarding the Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay and Transgendered community.

{C 'Who Started Bi Social Network?'

{C Adrienne Williams, Founder & Web Producer started BSN under it's parent company, AJW Media. AJW Media showcases niche Web content for millions who can't find it any other place. Bi Social Network is entertainment, news and opinion,, advocacy and community.

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