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Anatomy of Hell (French: Anatomie de l'enfer) is a 2004 film by Catherine Breillat. The film was adapted by writer/director Breillat from her novel Pornocratie. The explicitly sexual film stars Amira Casar as "the woman" and porn star Rocco Siffredi as "the man".

Plot and themes[]

Anatomy of Hell, like many of Breillat's other works, explores female sexuality, in this case focusing specifically on male fear and resentment of that sexuality. The plot follows an unnamed woman who is discovered in the middle of a suicide attempt in the toilet of a gay bar by one of its male patrons. The woman offers to pay the man to watch her for four days, during which time she explains her views on sex and sexuality.

Bisexual content[]

"The man" is homosexual-identified, though he has sex with "the woman".